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Week 24 – I want to be a polar bear

 - by Tina

I love this song… Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein – Nouvelle Vague

And with this song in mind I worked on two baby hats this week. One is for a tiny polar bear, one is for a tiny black bear.

They are made with cotton yarn and a 3,5 hook. You might remember that I already tried making babyhats earlier this year and then was utterly surprised to find out that babies do have quite large heads. Now I make my baby hats a bit bigger. Babies cry less when the hat actually fits :P

On Monday I also made a couple of wristbands based on the one I made last week. They are already awailable in my online store: Wristbands made by Nadel Verpflichtet. All the pictures can be seen on the Nadel Verpflichtet Fanpage on Facebook.

Week 23 – Zpagetti Wristband with Purple Flower

 - by Tina

Ever since I made the bag of Zpagetti yarn, I had this idea of using the Zpagetti yarn for wristbands. I had cut a stripe and wrapped it round my wrist so I would get the right color of sewing thread. Even after making the purchase, I kept the strip. I did not like the knot though. This afternoon I took a fresh piece of yarn, sewed it together with a couple of stitches on my sewing machine and then added a purple flower, which I think works perfectly with the turquoise  color of the wristband.

Tomorrow is a day off so I am planning on making a couple of more wristbands and add them to my store.

By the way, did you ever try to take a picture of your hand/arm? It drove me nuts! My arm looks like a giant bar of white wax… But my husband has promised to volunteer as “wrist model” tomorrow. He at least has a tanned arm. Might look better! Plus I could concentrate on taking the picture. It was quite challenging to take a good pose with one arm an then not move to much while taking a picture of it with the camera in your other hand!

One more shot without the awkward arm.

I also made 3 sleeves for iPods and a brand new LG Optimus Speed:

The 4th one, for my mother-in-law:

My iPhone sleeves are still available in my online store: Nadel Verpflichtet.

Week 21 – I am hoooked on handbags

 - by Tina

When on holidays in Amsterdam recently, I bought about 6kg of a special yarn I found on the internet: it is called Hoooked Zpagetti. The material is actually fabric. You have to use really huge crochet hooks to work with it. The positive aspect is, that your project comes togtehr quickly due to the bulky material. So I bought 2 balls each of three colors. And this is my first project for which I used on ball (actually I tiny bit of the second ball was needed for the embellishment).

Here is a handbag I made of a stretchy turquoise/petrol “yarn” (the color does not come across right on the pictures). The only problem was inserting the lining. Even my really good sewing machine could not handle the bulkiness of the material. For the next handbag I need to find a different solution.

The lining is some fabric I bought a while ago at Ikea for a very small amount of money. I inserted two small pouches on each side for mobile phone, lighter, keys, MP3-player…

And here is a picture of the flower detail: