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Why knitting? Why crochet?

 - by Tina

In January 2007 I moved to Ottawa, Canada, for 6 months for my final internship. I worked at a small company and it was hard to make friends… So I was looking for an interesting way to spend my evenings. I saw this add in the free paper on the bus for a knitting class. I went and well, I got hooked.

I have been back to Germany for a long time but I never lost the interest in my needles and my yarn.

Recently I crochet more, I guess because it is easier to crochet on the bus. One hook is easier to handle than two needles and if you knew me in person, you would know that I am one of those people who have like zero coordination skills. Plus knitting needles still are pointy sticks. You have a closer look at your WIP, driver slams the break and yeah, you can join the one-eyed pirates club.

So basically I started knitting/crochet out of boredom and now it has become my favourite hobby. Although I am not even near to being a grandmother!