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Sew You 01 – iPad Sleeve

 - by Tina

I do not only have a problem with hoarding yarn, I also have a huge amount of fabric. And I almost never sew something! As my project “52 weeks – 52 projects” is working out pretty great and my yarn stash is definitely smaller than at the beginning of this year, I have decided that I am also going to publish my sewing projects here. Not on a regular basis since I have to keep crocheting to have something new ready every week and I do have a full-time job, but I hope that I can show something at least from time to time.

I bought an iPad2 this spring, with the smart cover. The smart cover works great but you do not have all-round protection. So I decided to make a simple sleeve to protect it when I put it in my handbag.

I used some fabric I had left over from a futon cover I made 2 years ago. It does not have padding. But the fabric is stiff cotton and since I made the lining of the same fabric, the whole thing is pretty sturdy.

The sleeve closes with a velcro strip.

Week 23 – Zpagetti Wristband with Purple Flower

 - by Tina

Ever since I made the bag of Zpagetti yarn, I had this idea of using the Zpagetti yarn for wristbands. I had cut a stripe and wrapped it round my wrist so I would get the right color of sewing thread. Even after making the purchase, I kept the strip. I did not like the knot though. This afternoon I took a fresh piece of yarn, sewed it together with a couple of stitches on my sewing machine and then added a purple flower, which I think works perfectly with the turquoise  color of the wristband.

Tomorrow is a day off so I am planning on making a couple of more wristbands and add them to my store.

By the way, did you ever try to take a picture of your hand/arm? It drove me nuts! My arm looks like a giant bar of white wax… But my husband has promised to volunteer as “wrist model” tomorrow. He at least has a tanned arm. Might look better! Plus I could concentrate on taking the picture. It was quite challenging to take a good pose with one arm an then not move to much while taking a picture of it with the camera in your other hand!

One more shot without the awkward arm.

I also made 3 sleeves for iPods and a brand new LG Optimus Speed:

The 4th one, for my mother-in-law:

My iPhone sleeves are still available in my online store: Nadel Verpflichtet.

Week 05 – Patriotic sleeve for kindle in the colors of Franconia

 - by Tina

As you might have noticed, I have a shop on Dawanda, where I try to sell some of my projects. Very unsuccessful until today. I have not sold a single item :( I admit, the offer is quite small at the moment but I am working on it. I also need to increase publicity which is why I decided to take part in the following competition: it is called “Meine Heimat”.

My home is Franconia so I made a kindle sleeve for real patriots in the colors of Franconia. It was also my first shot at intarsia crochet. The heart turned out ok but I am not very happy with the shape of the three triangles which form the coat of arms of Franconia. Guess I need to practice a bit more on that. If someone knows how to create really sharp outlines when you are changing colors, I would be happy to listen!

You can find the offer on Dawanda here: Kindle sleeve for real Franconians.

And now to some pictures:

Read this article »

Week 04 – iPad sleeve with monogram

 - by Tina

This week’s project was a present for a dear friend who got an iPad for Christmas but no cover to protect it. Since I am an expert on crocheting sleeves for various types of electronic (check our my online shop), I decided to make a sleeve for her iPad. To add something personal, I tried to crochet a letter for the first time. Luckily my friend’s name starts with an A, which was an easy enough letter to make. If you need a great tutorial on how to crochet letters, have a look here.

If you are interested in getting a similar sleeve for ourself, do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I am not selling them currently but will do so if requested.

So enough of the blabla, here are some pictures: