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Week 12 – Free tutorial for crochet Mary Janes

 - by Tina

Good news: I do not totally suck at felting. I just didn’t do it right last time.
So this week I made some blue Mary Jane slippers with yarn that came from the same batch than the yarn from last week’s red slippers.  I just winged them last time and did not write down what I actually did.

Not this time… This post includes a free tutorial for crochet Mary Janes (see at the end). Feel free to use it (not for commercial use of course). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. I will do my best to answer you.

Now some pictures of the finished slippers. And by the way, I put the red ones in the machine as well, in a last try to make them fit my feet and it actually worked out. They now have a decent size:

Next to one of my shoes to understand the dimensions better.

The blue Mary Janes before they were felted.

And here is a picture of them after they have been inside the washing machine.

Here is the tutorial as a pdf-file: Free tutorial for crochet Mary Jane slippers. Happy crochet and happy felting! Always remember: felting in your kitchen sink won’t do it ;) I wish I knew this last week, it would have saved me a lot of grief.

Week 11 – Gigantic red slippers: a felted fail

 - by Tina

This week I have to present a failed project. Failed because it did not turn out as I wanted it to turn out. Well, it is not a total fail I guess. I just need to invite more people with gigantic feet to my house so they can wear those slippers ;)

So these are the original crochet shoes. They are made of 100% wool so perfect for felting. That is what I thought!

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Week 03 – Pink miniature moccasins

 - by Tina

Oh no, I am not pregnant. But I have a lot of 100% wool in red and blue left over and I want to make slippers which I can then offer to guests. I decided I will try working without a pattern for them, writing up my own pattern actually and to avoid too much frogging (and cursing), I thought I will give some baby moccasins a try. They turned out pretty cute though there seems to be a mistake in one of them: they do not look perfectly the same. But the baby will not mind I guess :)

I will be giving the baby shoes away as a present and start on my slippers quite soonish. Before the winter is over and nobody needs slippers anymore!

The pattern is available here, at Vita’s blog.

And here are some pictures:

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