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Week 38 – She’s wearing flowers in her hair

 - by Tina

When I got married in 2009, I made my dress myself. With a very cheap sewing machine I bought online since I was not sure if I would like sewing and did not want to invest too much. So I made a dress lots of swearing and tears was involved). Shortly after I got married, close friends tied the knot as well and I made the dress for their wedding myself as well (actually I finished it 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave for church). So when I got the invitation for the wedding in Coventry (see post from last week), I decided to keep this newly started tradition going and make the dress once again myself.

As always, I waited till the last minute though the idea sprung up weeks ago. Thursday afternoon I finally decided on the dress pattern and made the entire thing in one afternoon. Friday morning I went to the airport.

The fabric is stretchy jersey. I fell in love with the pattern when I saw it at the market this spring. As always, the dress is not perfect ( I never seem to get the seams right…) but the belt gives it a nice shape. It was very comfortable to wear the entire day.

So why all this blabbering about a dress? You are here to see some awesome crochet (or knitting, but that not so much)! I made a bright red fascinator to go with the bold pattern of the dress and to chase away any clouds that would be lingering in the grey Northern English sky.

When is the next wedding? I have a new idea for a dress and the matching fascinator!

Sew You 02 – Muumuu

 - by Tina

My tv broke this week! Until the new one is delivered in two weeks, I will have to do without a tv. Which probably means I will finally sew something? Crochet works fine while watching  movie but sewing requires more attention plus the machine needs to be on a big enough work table…

Here is a light dress I made without any pattern. Basically it is two panels and then two smaller panels were added as arms. The dress sits very loosely, much like a muumuu.  Don’t get confused by the sentence “Muumuu are also popular as maternity wear because they do not restrict the waist.”, I am not pregnant!

Sewing is most of the time quite frustrating simply because I am not good at it and I have an extremely short attention span. Enough for the muumuu dress though!

The fabric was lying around in my stash for ages, I bought it in France ages ago for very little money.

One more picture of the entire dress:

For fall, I really would like to take part in a sewing class. I guess you cannot learn everything from books and videos on the internet… Any recommendations for Nuremberg?

Sew You 01 – iPad Sleeve

 - by Tina

I do not only have a problem with hoarding yarn, I also have a huge amount of fabric. And I almost never sew something! As my project “52 weeks – 52 projects” is working out pretty great and my yarn stash is definitely smaller than at the beginning of this year, I have decided that I am also going to publish my sewing projects here. Not on a regular basis since I have to keep crocheting to have something new ready every week and I do have a full-time job, but I hope that I can show something at least from time to time.

I bought an iPad2 this spring, with the smart cover. The smart cover works great but you do not have all-round protection. So I decided to make a simple sleeve to protect it when I put it in my handbag.

I used some fabric I had left over from a futon cover I made 2 years ago. It does not have padding. But the fabric is stiff cotton and since I made the lining of the same fabric, the whole thing is pretty sturdy.

The sleeve closes with a velcro strip.