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Week 61 – Last hat for this season

 - by Tina

Winter is finally gone. One last hat to show here. Since one tends to wear black or grey jackets/coats during the cold season since they go with everything else which makes them the easiest choice, you need brightly lored accessoires to make winter look less drab.

Green ensemble with a loop scarf in a simple popcorn stitch, hat crochet with a crochet bow (I am getting a bit tired of the flowers) and some black ribbon threaded through every second stich.

Last hat for a long time! Promised.

Week 55 – Beetastic hat and loop scarf

 - by Tina

Back to knitting! After a long while. Honestly, my arms started to hurt after a 3-hour stint of knitting on the couch. Due to all the crochet, other muscles seem to have been used. Ouch!

The hat is crochet. Made with beautiful yarn from Lamana. Single crochet , with a bit of hdc stitches for the rim. And of course with the flower, which I add to every hat I make (so far).

The scarf is knit, as already mentioned with a simple pearl-pattern (2 knit, 2 purl, alternate every two rows). It is a loop scarf, knit in the round.

Detail of the pattern:


The set is warm and comfy, non-scratchy. The only problem is that the yarn is a bit fuzzy and my black winter coat is covered in yellow fibres. It looks as if I had a fat ginger cat that likes to sleep on my coat!

Also, in the beginning my husband used to say in a whiney voice: “Maja, where are you?”, an hommage to the animated series “Die Biene Maja” and the male protagonist Willy. Ok, so I look like a bee. I am sure the queen bee of crochet in my household!

Week 49 – The Joy of Chunky

 - by Tina

I really love chunky yarn – not only are your projects done in (almost) no time, they also look much more interesting. Have a look at this scarf with a shell pattern from my so far favorite pattern book “The complete book of crochet stitch designs“:

I needed 6 skeins of yarn for the scarf. It is not gigantic, enough to wrap it twice around your face though so you can be warm and cozy. Eeh, keep you warm? Actually you would not need that right now – it is really warm for December. When I was little we had tons of snow at this time, now we have green landscapes.

Working hard on some presents for Christmas, a first blister is slowly but surely developing on my right thumb. I’ll make sure to take a picture when it gets worse. And eventually starts bleeding!

Week 43 – Pa-pa-pa-panda

 - by Tina

Tons and tons of cotton yarn lying around and after all those hats during the last couple of weeks, I am now working on several Amigurumi. Husband was on a business trip recently and brought home the magazine “Crochet Gift List – Our best collection of toys, dolls and gifts” which contains a lot of great patterns.
So here is a Panda I found in there. It’s a girl. To make that clear I added a scarf with a simple shell pattern and a bow. She is about 20cm tall. Thanks to hear I got rid of 3 different strands of off-white yarn I found in several yarn bags. Mission accomplished!

I am not sure where to keep her since I don’t want my apartment to be overloaded with Amigurumi since I am really no longer a five-year old…

Week 34 – Winter is closer than you think!

 - by Tina

Less than 20 weeks till Christmas! Soon it is going to be winter so you need a warm scarf to protect your face from the gushing wind.

Nah, just kidding. My grand-aunt is turning 80 in a couple of days and she wanted a hat as a present. Hats need to go with a matching scarf so I first made a really nice scarf. It is super-soft, made of 90% Baby Alpaca. The hat will follow soon.

And here is me, wearing the scarf. It is really warming!

The scarf is now in the freezer so it won’t scratch when my grand-aunt will be wearing it.

Week 29 – Hide in Plain Sight

 - by Tina

Recently I was on a weekend break on the beautiful island of Majorca and although it was warm and sunny and we were out and about in our summer gear, I came across this really gorgeous coat. When I think about it, on most of my trips I come across very special coats (sometimes it is a jacket, but mostly it is coats). Long story short, I bought it. The only thing that bothered me was that in big bold letters across the shoulders the name of the brand is embroidered. But I found the perfect solution: simply crochet a big shawl which will hide the letters!

Lace… So easy, yet so nice! Of course I also need the matching hat:

I used a bright red cotton yarn that goes perfectly with the embroidery you can see on the coat. On the pics, it looks a bit orangey but it is really a very intense red.

One more picture of the lace detail! Once again, I used a lace pattern from this wonderful book by Linda Schapper: Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs: 500 Classic and Original Patterns. The border is from another really great book by Edi Eckman: Around the Corner Crochet Borders. If you are afraid of crocheting lace, it is easier than you think! Especially shawls which are basically just big rectangles. Lace patterns look more complicated than they are. The whole shawl I made here is just chains, single and double crochet. I swear! I admit, I have not yet made another piece of clothing after the blue jacket which did not turn out the way I wanted it to be…

If you want a nice hat as well, why not have a look at my hats on Dawanda?

Week 09 – Headbands and a loop scarf

 - by Tina

I give up! It is indeed getting warmer outside so soon I need to put my hats and thick scarfs into storage so they can sleep until next winter. Hats are not only worn because they keep your ears and head warm but also because they fulfill the purpose of adding a decorative element to the wearer’s outfit. During summer, I can now wear headbands. Those are the first two… I am already working on more designs and chances are good that they might make it into my online store.

Headband 01 – For one of those days when my outfit is once again all black and I want to avoid being asked if something happened in my life (seriously, I get asked if someone died when I wear all black to work). Adds a big splash of color.

Headband 02 – Perfect for outfits in brown tones. Plus goes perfectly with….

… with my first loop scarf (I used the same yarn, actually left-over yarn from this jacket).

Loop scarfs are as easy to make as normal scarfs. They are just worked in rounds, not back and forth. They present a good opportunity to practice patterns. Just be careful not to twist your first row when joining the chain stitches to create the loop!

If you are looking for a big collection of patterns, I can really recommend “The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs” by Linda Schapper. The book includes 500 patterns. A great inspiration for scarfs (but not only I guess).