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Week 61 – Last hat for this season

 - by Tina

Winter is finally gone. One last hat to show here. Since one tends to wear black or grey jackets/coats during the cold season since they go with everything else which makes them the easiest choice, you need brightly lored accessoires to make winter look less drab.

Green ensemble with a loop scarf in a simple popcorn stitch, hat crochet with a crochet bow (I am getting a bit tired of the flowers) and some black ribbon threaded through every second stich.

Last hat for a long time! Promised.

Week 55 – Beetastic hat and loop scarf

 - by Tina

Back to knitting! After a long while. Honestly, my arms started to hurt after a 3-hour stint of knitting on the couch. Due to all the crochet, other muscles seem to have been used. Ouch!

The hat is crochet. Made with beautiful yarn from Lamana. Single crochet , with a bit of hdc stitches for the rim. And of course with the flower, which I add to every hat I make (so far).

The scarf is knit, as already mentioned with a simple pearl-pattern (2 knit, 2 purl, alternate every two rows). It is a loop scarf, knit in the round.

Detail of the pattern:


The set is warm and comfy, non-scratchy. The only problem is that the yarn is a bit fuzzy and my black winter coat is covered in yellow fibres. It looks as if I had a fat ginger cat that likes to sleep on my coat!

Also, in the beginning my husband used to say in a whiney voice: “Maja, where are you?”, an hommage to the animated series “Die Biene Maja” and the male protagonist Willy. Ok, so I look like a bee. I am sure the queen bee of crochet in my household!

Week 07 – Incredible! I made an actual piece of clothing

 - by Tina

Ah, I started to doubt that I ever will make anything else than little embellishments and hats and scarves. But I finally overcame my doubts and fears (making something big also means you can make a lot of mistakes and in the end all the work you put into a project was in vain cause the project looks like crap).

I am very proud to present my first jacket/shrug!

It is based on a pattern from this lovely book by Stefanie Japel: Fitted Knits: 25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter: 25 Projects for the Fashionable Knitter.

I admit, when I cast off, it did not fit like I wanted it to fit so I took my crochet hook and added some more stitches (the rest is knitted).

And I solemnly swear  to you (and myself of course) that this is not the last piece of clothing you will see here.

Plus next time I will try to make better pictures. I definitely need to work on those skills too.

52 weeks – 52 projects

 - by Tina

So this is my new plan: reducing my yarn stash considerably during the next 12 months. And since I am one of those people who like to put things on their to-do-list and never go through with it but pushing it from one date to the next, I am committing myself to a project. The project is called: “52 weeks – 52 projects”. So every week I will post a project here. The projects do not have to be big projects, they can also be smaller projects. But I will also try to finally overcome my fear and work on actual clothing, not just scarfs and hats. Yeah, I might actually make a jacket.

I wonder if I will go through with this but I decided to make my project public from day 1 on so I am under a certain pressure.

We will see how this goes but I am pretty excited.

So this is it: 52 weeks – 52 projects.

Why knitting? Why crochet?

 - by Tina

In January 2007 I moved to Ottawa, Canada, for 6 months for my final internship. I worked at a small company and it was hard to make friends… So I was looking for an interesting way to spend my evenings. I saw this add in the free paper on the bus for a knitting class. I went and well, I got hooked.

I have been back to Germany for a long time but I never lost the interest in my needles and my yarn.

Recently I crochet more, I guess because it is easier to crochet on the bus. One hook is easier to handle than two needles and if you knew me in person, you would know that I am one of those people who have like zero coordination skills. Plus knitting needles still are pointy sticks. You have a closer look at your WIP, driver slams the break and yeah, you can join the one-eyed pirates club.

So basically I started knitting/crochet out of boredom and now it has become my favourite hobby. Although I am not even near to being a grandmother!