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Week 48 – Take a Bow

 - by Tina

Finally I was able to use the lightbox my husband and  I built two weeks ago. I think I need more light, there are still too many shadows. But still better than not being able to take pictures right?

I made a couple of headbands with bows this week. Those bows are easy to make, basically they are just a rectangle in single stitch which I then sew together in the back and wrap the tail of yarn a couple of times around the then created circle.

Here is one in hot pink.

I am always amazed how simple single crochet can look so interesting. The yarn always plays an important role. Beautiful yarn does not always need an elaborate pattern.

And one more crochet bow headband in grey, made with 100% cotton yarn left over from my numerous hat projects.

They look really adorable and are quick to make (without having to pay much attention to the stitches) so I guess I will be making some more and put them in my Dawanda store, Nadel Verpflichtet.

So now back to my secret Christmas projects!

Week 17 – Orange crochet headbands

 - by Tina

Today is Koninginnedag and for this occasion I have made two headbands in the suitable color. One is for me, one for a friend of mine to wear for the festivities ( I really hope she likes it…)

Crochet headbands are an excellent way of practicing lace patterns. I used Catania yarn, the colors are brilliant plus the yarn is a bit shiny. Catania is one of my favorite yarns for accessoires.

Happy Koninginnedag everyone!

Week 14 – Italia, Italia!

 - by Tina

It started of with a classic red rose hair clip I quickly made as a small present for a friend who celebrated her birthday last week. When she unpacked her presents and came across the rose, her girlfriend asked me if I made those flowers in different colors as well… She wanted them for an Italian-theme night at her restaurant. So I made a whole range of Italian-themed accessoires… Very soon the Venetian market will be happening in Nürnberg again and a friend of mine has offered me some space for my products at his stall for Italian delicatessen. Which means I need to spend every free minute on making a lot of nice products so I have something to sell in three weeks!

This is the rose that got it all started.

5 Italian rose hair clips.

Some more roses (nah, really not the same ones, I made 10 of them in total this week), a hair clip with an Italian bow and a huge head piece.

Ah, and by the way, I now have business cards as well. I was really excited when I handed them out yesterday evening. My first business cards…

Week 10 – Headbands for sale and a really colorful hat

 - by Tina

As I already announced last week, I have added some headbands to my online shop on Dawanda. But not the ones I had presented last week – no, I have made some more. For more pictures, click on the links above each picture. You will be led to the respective offer on Dawanda, where more pictures are available.

In brown, simple but cute.

In grey: a delicate flower made of really beautiful fine dark grey yarn.

And here is my masterpiece. A huge pink flower with two leaves. More of a headpiece than just a plain headband.

Are you invited to some weddings this year? These headbands are a wonderful addition to every outfit! Feel free to buy them all. Different colors are available upon request.

Apart form the headbands I have been busy with a hat. The hat was commissioned by a friend so I am not going to keep it… It is made with a very light yarn so the hat can been worn in spring weather. Finer yarn also means that it takes ages to finish your piece of work. That’s why I like winter more. The thicker the yarn, the quicker you are done. And I am not a very patient person…

Week 09 – Headbands and a loop scarf

 - by Tina

I give up! It is indeed getting warmer outside so soon I need to put my hats and thick scarfs into storage so they can sleep until next winter. Hats are not only worn because they keep your ears and head warm but also because they fulfill the purpose of adding a decorative element to the wearer’s outfit. During summer, I can now wear headbands. Those are the first two… I am already working on more designs and chances are good that they might make it into my online store.

Headband 01 – For one of those days when my outfit is once again all black and I want to avoid being asked if something happened in my life (seriously, I get asked if someone died when I wear all black to work). Adds a big splash of color.

Headband 02 – Perfect for outfits in brown tones. Plus goes perfectly with….

… with my first loop scarf (I used the same yarn, actually left-over yarn from this jacket).

Loop scarfs are as easy to make as normal scarfs. They are just worked in rounds, not back and forth. They present a good opportunity to practice patterns. Just be careful not to twist your first row when joining the chain stitches to create the loop!

If you are looking for a big collection of patterns, I can really recommend “The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs” by Linda Schapper. The book includes 500 patterns. A great inspiration for scarfs (but not only I guess).