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Week 58 – I am a yarnivore

 - by Tina

I did get some crochet done in the past week but today I want to show you my bottles. Since I used yarn, it still counts for a project although no needles or hooks were involved. I saw a couple of those on Pinterest and thought I might give it a try. Especally since I had a lot of small bottles left over after New Year’s Eve (Fentiman’s Tonic Water).

What you need:

– Small bottles, cleaned thoroughly and dried
– Glue
– Yarn (cotton yarn for 3.5  – 4.0 crochet hooks turned out to be perfect)

Smear glue generously onto the bottle and then slowly start winding the yarn around it. Start at the top, this makes it easier when you get to the point where the bottle gets wider. The other way round does not work. I had to learn the hard way.


The hole collection looks really nice on my window sill. Very springy.

Week 53 – Quick and Easy Crochet Basket

 - by Tina

My new addiction is Pinterest. Have you already tried it? It is awesome since you can organize interesting things visually. If you save them to your booksmarks list, you tend to forget them. Especially for crafts Pinterest is heaven. Or hell. Because there are so many awesome things on it that you sometimes do not know where to click first. At the moment it is still invite only but feel free to get in touch with me, I can send you an invite.

I cam across some crochet baskets and gave it a try this week. It is really easy to make them. Only single stitch. The important thing is that your gauge is really tight. This makes the basket stiff and it holds its shape nicely. Since I did not have any suitable chunky yarn, I took 2 strands of cheap acrylic. Et voilà!

The rim is simply folded. Which ist not necessary but still, it adds stability and looks neat.

Close-up of the crochet.

This basket is quickly made and if you make lining, this makes a nice bread-basket for example.

Week 44 – Sweet treats

 - by Tina

Cupcakes have one flaw: although tasting delicious, they are not good for your weight! But they are so pretty so I decided to make some cupcakes which are solely made to be looked at. Well, I guess you could try eating them, they are 100% cotton though they might be a bit dry…

I have made three so far but after sorting my yarn yesterday, I might make some more with different colors.

Group shot!

They are made with Catania yarn and not as big as real cupcakes:

Both items in this picture are not edible!

Week 42 – Prost! Cheers! Santé! Salut!

 - by Tina

Last year I made a toilet roll cover looking like a giant coffee cup for my husband. Since I am from Franconia and we have a long and very delicious tradition of brewing the best beers in the world (I kid you not!), I had the idea to make a beer glass toilet roll cover. I even sold it on Dawanda! I made another one as a present for my father this week:

It even has foam! Underneath you find of course a roll of toilet paper. I really like this model and I guess I will be making some more. With dark beer?
I made it on a train trip to Cologne I took this weekend (5 hours). I got some weird looks when I pulled the roll of toilet paper out of my handbag to check the measurements of my half-finished cover. The guy next to me gave me really the strangest looks ever. Or was he just jealous of this awesome piece of decoration?

If you want one, send me an email, I can sure make one for you. Price is 16,50€ plus packaging and postage. Other toilet roll cover models are available on Dawanda.

Week 31 – Drop it like it’s hot

 - by Tina

Honestly, those potholders are not meant to be used actually (though you could since they consist of two layers and you won’t burn your fingers due to the lace structure on the front), I made them for a friend who wants to hang them in her kitchen.

Made of my favorite cotton yarn, after instructions I found through Google here: Aldebaran Potholder.

Nothing fancy this week. But it would also become boring if I would crochet pure awesomeness every week!

Week 26 – Back to the 70ies

 - by Tina

The toilet seat needed to be changed since I cleaned it to hard and did not only clean off dirt but also the white color. Oops! The new, white toilet seat was already in our shopping cart when we walked by a display with discounted ones. And there it was: the green one, so very 70ies. I had to have it!

And this weeks project is the matching toilet roll cover plus a cozy for the air freshener, made with some acrylic yarn I would not have used for anything else since it is the opposite of nice yarn.

(I have no window in my toilet so I took the picture on my balcony because the light in my bathroom is awful).

And here is the entire set-up:

Oh how I wish all the tiles were brown/orange/green!

Week 25 – Fighting the loneliness of the pink piglet

 - by Tina

The pink piglet I made last year when I was down with a bad cold used to sit on my couch, next to the frog from week 1. I gave the frog away last week to my dad’s girlfriend since she is a huge fan of frogs. The whole week the piglet was incredibly sad so I had to make another friend and neighbour for it. And here it is: the peguin!

I used this pattern to create him: Pattern for Joe Penguin. Though my penguin turned out to be more round than square. Still, he gets along great with the pink piglet and that is the main thing right?

Here are some more pictures of the happy couple: