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Week 10 – Headbands for sale and a really colorful hat

 - by Tina

As I already announced last week, I have added some headbands to my online shop on Dawanda. But not the ones I had presented last week – no, I have made some more. For more pictures, click on the links above each picture. You will be led to the respective offer on Dawanda, where more pictures are available.

In brown, simple but cute.

In grey: a delicate flower made of really beautiful fine dark grey yarn.

And here is my masterpiece. A huge pink flower with two leaves. More of a headpiece than just a plain headband.

Are you invited to some weddings this year? These headbands are a wonderful addition to every outfit! Feel free to buy them all. Different colors are available upon request.

Apart form the headbands I have been busy with a hat. The hat was commissioned by a friend so I am not going to keep it… It is made with a very light yarn so the hat can been worn in spring weather. Finer yarn also means that it takes ages to finish your piece of work. That’s why I like winter more. The thicker the yarn, the quicker you are done. And I am not a very patient person…

Week 08 – Cute hats with flowers for sale

 - by Tina

Winter is almost gone but it is still cold so wearing a hat is still a good choice. I have made several hats for myself but lately my friends have taken a great interest in those hats. I made 3 alone this week upon order. Plus I found the time to make 3 more which I have just published in my store on Dawanda. Six hats in one week – my poor fingers start to hurt a bit…

Basically this week it is all about the money :) After I successfully sold my first item I plan on selling more. If you have an active account on Dawanda, don’t forget to “heart” my products, to help me gain some publicity (and let others know that my hand-made treasures are awesome of course).

Have a look at my hats here. They all come with an extra flower in a different color so you can match them with your current outfit. The back of the hat is an open crochet pattern but despite the “open” structure, your head stays warm thanks to the material – 100% pure Merino.

Black hat – click here to see it in my store (and probably buy it – for yourself, your girlfriend, your mum,…).

Purple hat – click here to buy it (and see some more pictures of it).

And finally the petrol hat – click here to buy it.

Week 05 – Patriotic sleeve for kindle in the colors of Franconia

 - by Tina

As you might have noticed, I have a shop on Dawanda, where I try to sell some of my projects. Very unsuccessful until today. I have not sold a single item :( I admit, the offer is quite small at the moment but I am working on it. I also need to increase publicity which is why I decided to take part in the following competition: it is called “Meine Heimat”.

My home is Franconia so I made a kindle sleeve for real patriots in the colors of Franconia. It was also my first shot at intarsia crochet. The heart turned out ok but I am not very happy with the shape of the three triangles which form the coat of arms of Franconia. Guess I need to practice a bit more on that. If someone knows how to create really sharp outlines when you are changing colors, I would be happy to listen!

You can find the offer on Dawanda here: Kindle sleeve for real Franconians.

And now to some pictures:

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