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Week 56 – Let’s face it

 - by Tina

The hats keep on coming. Sorry about that but there are a lot of things going on right now and making hats relaxes me like nothing else (well, maybe making a scarf is also quite relaxing…) so please bear with me a bit longer. The situation will change, I promise!

This is a kid’s hat. Luckily my dolls have pretty small heads so I was able to take a decent picture.

So, who’s that guy? I am sure you recognize him.

I especially like the hair. It almost feels real. Bit creepy but cool at the same time. When you are looking for almost real hair, buy “Märchenwolle”. I took a batch and simply attached it to the hat with a couple of stitches.

Week 46 – Panda again!

 - by Tina

Only 6 weeks left and the project will be over!

Here is one more baby hat. It looks definitely weird without the baby. I wonder if it looks better ON the baby… My brother asked for it, for a friend. I really hope I get a good picture of the baby wearing it (Hello little brother!).

This morning was spent on building a lightbox since I am having a hard time with taking good-looking pictures due to lighting problems. Pictures of my awesome lightbox (big thanks again to husband for doing most of the building) will follow ASAP. Now I need to prepare for next Saturday, when I will sell my hats and other crochet items at a local hand-made market: Sewing my label to the hats, adding price tags, making some quick last projects. If you want to pay me a visit there (I would be delighted!), check on Facebook, I’ll post the details there.

Week 30 – Fruity Baby

 - by Tina

Guess what? I made another baby hat! Honestly, really not my fault, it’s those people I know and they all get pregnant and have tons of babies. Babies that all need awesome hats. When sorting through my yarn stash I came across a lot of red cotton yarn. What else to make than a cute apple hat?

And when the baby gets to big for the hat, you could always use it as a toilet roll cover actually.

The hat was sent to England so I could not take a picture of the little girl wearing the hat. I should really get one of those babies myself so I can make them model the hats!

Week 24 – I want to be a polar bear

 - by Tina

I love this song… Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein – Nouvelle Vague

And with this song in mind I worked on two baby hats this week. One is for a tiny polar bear, one is for a tiny black bear.

They are made with cotton yarn and a 3,5 hook. You might remember that I already tried making babyhats earlier this year and then was utterly surprised to find out that babies do have quite large heads. Now I make my baby hats a bit bigger. Babies cry less when the hat actually fits :P

On Monday I also made a couple of wristbands based on the one I made last week. They are already awailable in my online store: Wristbands made by Nadel Verpflichtet. All the pictures can be seen on the Nadel Verpflichtet Fanpage on Facebook.

Week 19 – What’s new pussycat?

 - by Tina

Ah, springtime equals babytime at the moment. So many people I know are pregnant or recently had their baby. An excellent opportunity to make some baby stuff. Babies have no say in what they wear so no mean comments to be expected from their side.

But since I don not have kids myself, I was not sure when I made my first babyhat how big I should make it. Of course it was too small. It will have to be worn by the little girl’s future dolls!

Here is Tigger modelling it:

Since I saw that the little girl also owns an orange onesie with tiger print, I decided to skip the cute cat hat and make a tiger hat instead, of course way bigger than the first one so it actually fits her:

It is made of 100% cotton so I guess the baby can wear it now as well.

Oh, I also made a pouch for my mother-in-law’s mobile phone from left-over yarn in pink/purple/lilac:

Week 03 – Pink miniature moccasins

 - by Tina

Oh no, I am not pregnant. But I have a lot of 100% wool in red and blue left over and I want to make slippers which I can then offer to guests. I decided I will try working without a pattern for them, writing up my own pattern actually and to avoid too much frogging (and cursing), I thought I will give some baby moccasins a try. They turned out pretty cute though there seems to be a mistake in one of them: they do not look perfectly the same. But the baby will not mind I guess :)

I will be giving the baby shoes away as a present and start on my slippers quite soonish. Before the winter is over and nobody needs slippers anymore!

The pattern is available here, at Vita’s blog.

And here are some pictures:

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