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Week 59 – Tweet, tweet

 - by Tina

As with last week’s project, the inspiration came from Pinterest: Little birds. They looked cute and adorable and easy to make. They sure are! All you need is some scrap cotton yarn, eyes (I order them here: Little Crochet Bear), a tiny bit of orange felt and batting. And then you can easily make a whole flock of birds! To welcome spring, which is right around the corner.

For the free pattern, just follow the link behind Pinterest.

They go very nicely with the bottles from last week.

Week 57 – Little Owls

 - by Tina

I saw a crochet owl in Pinterest and loved it. There are enormous amounts of cotton yarn lying around here so I picked some of it up and made two owls:

So what to do with them? Guess they would make a nice brooch though they are really big. I found two magnets when cleaning up my craft room today, maybe I will glue them to the owls and use the owls as magnets for my fridge?

You want to see my craft room? Here is a shot with before and after. Finally I can go in there again without stepping on anything. Only took me 5 hours. For 6 square metres. Well, I have a lot of craft supplies!

So before…

… and after. I did not even through away much. Just a question of arrangement. And now it is going to stay like this. Clean and organized.

Week 52 – And that’s what we have for you today

 - by Tina

My last article! Week 52. My project is officially over. My yarn stash officially not a tiny bit smaller. Oh no, it is the same size than last year. But hey, that’s ok. I can totally live with a huge yarn stash!

Last item of my project is a crochet panda bear I made for my brother. It is quite small, I did not even stuff the arms and legs.

Finally I was able to take pictures with a proper camera, I stole it from my husband.

The project was fun. I learned a lot. And I made so many items I did not post here since I did not want to bore my handfull of readers to death. I guess I made 50 hats alone this year…

So first day of 2012. Which will be a super-exciting year for me! And hopefully a happy and prosperous year for the rest of you. I would like to keep on crocheting as much as before, try out some more complicated patterns and start writing my own patterns as well. I guess if I made it through this project (and believe me, I never thought that I would make it!), I can do this as well.

Thank you for following me through my projects! Thank you for coming. And see you soon!

Week 51 – Christmas Presents 2011

 - by Tina

Phew, it is over. Well almost. One more day tomorrow then I can finally stop eating those big amounts of yummy food I am constantly offered. At least until New Years’s Eve.

Here is a hat I made for my mum. Made with soft Merino, 100%. The flower can be taken off and used as a brooch.

For my little sister I made a muffin and since she made ones with pink frosting a couple of times this year, I used pink yarn.

And a crochet bag for my mother-in-law. She somehow came across the black bag I made during summer through a Google search and asked me for it. This time the bag even features a magnet snap so it can be closed properly. Instead of forcing my sewing machine to deal with the thick bag, I hand-sewed the lining into the bag. Hope it stays there!

After making so much for other people during the past weeks, I am now knitting some things for me. Yeah, knitting! After I started knitting again after months of crochet, I got a sore shoulder. Muscle ache from knitting!

I would have loved to make more but the past weeks had been pretty hectic and I could not fit in more. Next year I will definitely plan and buy and make my gifts in September.


Week 50 – Turtle with a Soft Shell

 - by Tina

What? Next week it’s Christmas? Noooooooo! I have not a single present ready yet. This will be a very interesting week then.

Here I present a little turtle I made as a little good-bye present. The only problem is that the turtle’s head is a bit too heavy so it tends to fall over.

Made with Catania yarn and a 2,5 hook, after a pattern from the great magazine I mentioned a couple of times already: Crochet Gift List.

If I ever make a turtle again, I will fill its body or the hind legs with dry beans so it does not tip over that easily.


Week 47 – It’s a hoot!

 - by Tina

Owls are a big trend right now. Yesterday I bought a cute brooch with a tiny purple felt owl.

Here is a owl in the colors of Franconia, red and white. I am absolutely puzzled that I have a huge amount of red cotton yarn, no idea where is comes from. So I made an owl which is not really a realistic depiction of the living species but still looks cute.

The pattern is from the crochet magazine my husband bought for me recently, where the panda from week 43 was from.

Only 4 weeks to go until Christmas. The next weeks will be spent with the crafting of gifts. Though I cannot publish the results here since presents need to stay secret until the 24th. Which means I need to double my efforts to finish 5 more items before the project “52 weeks – 52 projects” is over.

Week 45 – Cacti in a Box

 - by Tina

Apart from having babies, a lot of people around me turn 30. 4 alone this month! On Friday I gave away the following box:

Two little cacti, in the colors of Italy!

Unfortunately I ran out of the awful green acrylic yarn I used for making all my cacti so I have to buy some again… We’ll see in a couple of weeks if my project has really helped me to reduce my yarn stash.

Week 44 – Sweet treats

 - by Tina

Cupcakes have one flaw: although tasting delicious, they are not good for your weight! But they are so pretty so I decided to make some cupcakes which are solely made to be looked at. Well, I guess you could try eating them, they are 100% cotton though they might be a bit dry…

I have made three so far but after sorting my yarn yesterday, I might make some more with different colors.

Group shot!

They are made with Catania yarn and not as big as real cupcakes:

Both items in this picture are not edible!

Week 43 – Pa-pa-pa-panda

 - by Tina

Tons and tons of cotton yarn lying around and after all those hats during the last couple of weeks, I am now working on several Amigurumi. Husband was on a business trip recently and brought home the magazine “Crochet Gift List – Our best collection of toys, dolls and gifts” which contains a lot of great patterns.
So here is a Panda I found in there. It’s a girl. To make that clear I added a scarf with a simple shell pattern and a bow. She is about 20cm tall. Thanks to hear I got rid of 3 different strands of off-white yarn I found in several yarn bags. Mission accomplished!

I am not sure where to keep her since I don’t want my apartment to be overloaded with Amigurumi since I am really no longer a five-year old…

Week 40 – This is forever

 - by Tina

I like plants. The only problem is that I manage to kill them all. Some are dead after a couple of days, some it takes longer but I always end up with a sad bunch of brown leaves. Even plants that do not require an awful lot of attention. Trust me, I have tried. And failed. Many, many times.

Since this problem remains and will probably never go away (if I ever own a house with a garden, my husband will be in charge), I decided that I could crochet plants. Here is my first try:

I did not use a pattern, I simply winged it but was certainly inspired through a picture search on Google and among others, this article: Cacti on Gleeful Things.
My cactus is abut 15cm tall, made of  some green acrylic yarn from which you can only make amigurumi cause it does not feel nice.

The project was very welcome since I have been busy making more hats (made of yarn that is absolutely gorgeous to the touch). They will go online next week, I still need to shoot them. Don’t forget to buy one!