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Week 40 – This is forever « tina langheinrich

Week 40 – This is forever

 - by Tina

I like plants. The only problem is that I manage to kill them all. Some are dead after a couple of days, some it takes longer but I always end up with a sad bunch of brown leaves. Even plants that do not require an awful lot of attention. Trust me, I have tried. And failed. Many, many times.

Since this problem remains and will probably never go away (if I ever own a house with a garden, my husband will be in charge), I decided that I could crochet plants. Here is my first try:

I did not use a pattern, I simply winged it but was certainly inspired through a picture search on Google and among others, this article: Cacti on Gleeful Things.
My cactus is abut 15cm tall, made of  some green acrylic yarn from which you can only make amigurumi cause it does not feel nice.

The project was very welcome since I have been busy making more hats (made of yarn that is absolutely gorgeous to the touch). They will go online next week, I still need to shoot them. Don’t forget to buy one!

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