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Week 37 – White Wedding « tina langheinrich

Week 37 – White Wedding

 - by Tina

This weekend I travelled to Coventry to attend a wedding of an old friend. Weddings are a perfect occasion for a crochet gift though I must confess that I take every opportunity to integrate crochet into my daily life. Never would have thought that after my first try about three years ago that looked like a cringing, twisted worm instead of a nice, flat band).

So I proudly present you the bride and groom:

If I had only known that the groom would get his hair cut before the great day I would have given his little version a more thorough trimming…

The bride is a bit smaller than the groom. I actually attached her veil with hairpins I wore to my wedding two years ago to add a personal touch.

I winged those dolls, No pattern followed but I based them on my experience with the dolls from week 27 (based on the pattern from Corchet Ninja). Though this couple is a lot smaller. Why? Cause I needed to fit them into this box:

Getting this box to Coventry then was a bit of an ordeal. I was so scared that the box might be dented, I almost screamed at people when they came to close. And I was very close to punching the girl in charge of the X-ray machine at Nuremberg airport since I showed her the box and asked her to be careful and first thing she does is shoving (yes, shove!) the present into a the tray and pressing it down so it would fit into the machine. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

But we made it to the wedding unharmed and now the newly-wed couple will live happily ever after.

I will post some more pictures on my facebook page, don’t forget to become my fan.

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