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Week 11 – Gigantic red slippers: a felted fail « tina langheinrich

Week 11 – Gigantic red slippers: a felted fail

 - by Tina

This week I have to present a failed project. Failed because it did not turn out as I wanted it to turn out. Well, it is not a total fail I guess. I just need to invite more people with gigantic feet to my house so they can wear those slippers ;)

So these are the original crochet shoes. They are made of 100% wool so perfect for felting. That is what I thought!

But they did not shrink. Not at all! I washed them twice. I need more guests with a shoe size of… I would guess 46 to 48. Because even for my husband those slippers are way to big.

So we learn from our mistakes. The next shoes I make need to be way smaller!

I used yarn I bought ages ago on eBay. It is awful yarn: thin and scratchy and well, the color… Not really my thing but it was bought during my hoarding phase when I bought yarn just because it was a good deal. Masses of yarn (actually that is why I need to go through with this project: reduce the massive amount of yarn I have stored in my little crafting room).
I have some blue yarn of the same type left over and I will use it for the next project. Which will be based on this one. Minus the size ;) Next week I will try to publish my first tutorial so be sure to be back next week.

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